A journey into abstract hip-hop

Artist: Gasoline
Label: Pamplemousse Productions
Release Date: Copyright ©2001-©2015-©2019
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1. Introduction Of A Jedi
2. The Hardest
3. Geisya
4. Diesel Ride
5. El Rasla
6. 48 Heures
7. Dragunz Invasion
8. Same People
9. Chicago's Nites
10. Downtown Beirut
11. Neighbours In My Room
12. We Don't Play
13. Ya All Ear?
14. On The Run
15. Shadows
16. Da Truth
About New Album

First album of the group The Gasoline Project, leaded by the producers from the hip-hop crew L’Agence / La Fondation. First released in Cd in 2001, the Deluxe Vinyl Version of the Lp was released in 2005 in collaboration with Beatsqueeze Records and finally followed the Cassette Tape in a 100 copies super limited edition in 2019.
Artwork by H5 & Yee3h°dsgn